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Hertfordshire Constabulary is looking to recruit a new volunteer chaplain to help support its officers and staff.

There are already several chaplains, representing different faiths, working around the county and the force now wishes to recruit for a second Chaplain for its headquarters site in Welwyn Garden City.

Our volunteer chaplains work closely with our police officers and staff and are expected to conduct at least two visits to police stations each month. This allows them to provide support and pastoral care to everyone in the force, regardless of their beliefs or faith.

Chaplain Louis Spring is the force’s lead chaplain, he said: “Being a chaplain is a very privileged position and it is an honour to work among such fine people. I became a chaplain as I wanted to support and help the officers and staff who seek to keep us all safe."

As well as being a trusted friend on hand to talk to or just listen, part of the role of being a chaplain can involve ceremonial duties, including attending multi-faith events, award ceremonies and meeting new recruits, as well as providing support at memorial and funeral services."

I’ve had many opportunities to meet members of the public and understand the contribution and difference policing brings to their communities. As a chaplain I can play my role and support the officers and staff who make this possible. I would urge anyone interested in being part of this, to find out more about the role.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary is looking for people who are professional, sensitive to the needs of others and capable of providing impartial and confidential support. Those interested in becoming a police chaplain should have experience in ministry, leadership and mentoring roles. We welcome applications from Chaplains of all faiths.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the role and applying for the positions should contact Penny Brown.

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