CPA NDPP poster"Pray4YourPolice" is a new prayer initiative for the whole United Kingdom that the Christian Police Association (CPA) is launching this spring. The aim is to encourage individuals and churches to mobilise in prayer for their local police and for the communities they serve. Lee Russell, Executive Director for CPA is keen to let all police chaplains know about this event and invites you to contact your local CPA branch leader if you wish to support any local events.

How can you help?

The annual "National Day of Prayer for the Police", which CPA organises, is being held this year on Thursday 30th May. As part of the "Pray4YourPolice" initiative this year, we are looking to hold prayer events across the UK and we want to ask for your support. We would love to see as many churches as possible join with us on 30th May, to pray for their local police and for the communities they serve.

But we don’t what this to be a "one- off" prayer event. We want to use this as a catalyst for ongoing prayer and a closer relationship between local churches and the police. To that end, we have already contacted every Chief Constable in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, asking that they encourage their officers to link in with local faith communities in their area. At the same time, CPA is making a prayer "toolkit" resource available for to help you pray more effectively for your local police and for the challenges they face. Our aim in "Pray4YourPolice", rather than just setting up another prayer scheme, is very much to help strengthen existing prayer strategies that you may be involved in, such as "Thy Kingdom Come" or "24/7 prayer". We want to join with you and bring the unique perspective and depth of insight that the police service can offer.

For more information, please see the letter from Lee Russell and the additional information from Paul Wilson, the project leader for "Pray4YourPolice".


Letter from Lee Russell  Information from Paul Wilson 


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